Friday, February 27, 2009

Thanks for the prezzies

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update to say thanks to those who have contributed to the medical fund. It means a great deal to me as I've been worrying about finances a lot lately.

Sometimes to avoid the worrying I've been escaping into the books people have purchased for me off the Amazon wishlist. I've got enough to keep me going for some time.

So many of you have purchased stuff for both Beth and I and I am always amazed. A special thanks to the person who bought me the George Foreman Grill as I now have a renewed interest in preparing meals. So far I've made burgers, hot dogs, steak, chicken fingers, french fries, grilled cheese sandwiches, quesadillas and grilled vegetables. The french fries were a little wimpy but everything else tasted awesome. The steak, burgers and hot dogs taste like they came straight off the gas barbeque. And boy do I miss having a barbeque! Just ask Beth!

Cheryl showed me a trick to cleaning the grill which I have improved on so now it's quick and easy. For those of you still struggling with this one, I suggest that once you're done cooking and have unplugged the grill wet a couple of paper towels and lay them in the grill. As the grill cools the towels steam the plates. When the paper towels are cool enough to handle there is just a little wiping to do - no elbow grease required.

Beth mentioned that my stuff on the wishlist has all been purchased and suggested I put a few more on. As I've got enough to read I thought that if people wanted to give me anything they could purchase a gift card for me from This is for every day stuff that I could use some assistance on...

Shell - gas/petrol for the van
London Drugs - I buy all of the prescription and over the counter meds for Beth here
Walmart - They have the cheapest powerade/gatorade and when Beth drinks 2-3 a day it adds up!
Safeway Canada - One of the two places I buy groceries

Thanks again for all your generosity to date.



Raccoon said...

Well, if you're not in shape mentally, then how can we expect you to be able to keep up with Beth?

Most of us understand how frazzled one can get, caregiving. And we know how important it is that you get cared for, too.

Unknown said...

Glad to hear you are making good use of the grill. It's amazing the difference a home-cooked meal makes in how you feel and how well you can go about your business. Easy cleanup is a huge factor for me too.

My copy of Zed arrived today. Thank you so much! Please pass on my thanks to Beth for her inscription. It made me smile. :)

FridaWrites said...

We have a George Foreman grill too--now I know how to clean it more easily.

You know what's great is chicken breasts with teriyaki sauce or catalina dressing on it and put on the grill.