Friday, May 24, 2013

Corsets, Tattoos, Skulls and Herons

A big thank you to everyone who celebrated Beth’s life by wearing a corset, tattoo or anything skull-related this past Sunday on May 19th, Beth's birthday.

I had my parents take this photo of me at the Winnipeg airport while waiting for my flight back to Victoria.

This one is of Cheryl. No corset, but with a Hello Kitty/dragon tattoo and goth tank top.

If you have a photo or a blog link that you’d like to share, please send the photo to linda dot mcclung Blog links can be added as a comment.

Someone recently asked me whether I would start blogging more frequently now that Elizabeth is gone. Not sure how frequently I’ll write, but will give it a try. Next post I’ll write about my trip to Manitoba.

I haven’t written for a while as it has been a busy few weeks. Cheryl has been over all week helping me sort stuff. We’ve found over 300 graphic novels and have prepared them for a comic book expo in Victoria next month. We also sorted clothes and got rid of some of the medical equipment.

In between all the hard work we took a few breaks to check out the local sites all the while debating whether Beth would have liked the place or not.

Here’s Floyd’s Diner which has been featured on the Food Network and serves amazing food.

We had burgers for lunch and I didn’t eat for the rest of the day. Beth and I shared a love for thick milkshakes.  This milkshake was so think I think I worked off all the calories just by trying to get the shake through the straw!  The food was awesome!  The restaurant was wheelchair accessible which a bonus for those with accessibility issues.  It would have been a bit too noisy for Beth though.

Another day we went to Witty’s lagoon near the naval base. It’s a huge lagoon with mostly sandy beaches.

I had totally forgotten about the lagoon – Beth and I hadn’t been there in about 15 years. It’s a great place for birdwatching and she would have loved it. Cheryl and I saw at least half a dozen herons. 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Vampire fangs, temp tattoos, corsets and skulls

Aviatrix had a great idea - Could you have a part of the event that people touched by Elizabeth all over the world can participate in? I don't mean a webcast, or something we watch, but something we do or wear. Something out of the ordinary enough that people will ask us why, and we can tell them about Elizabeth. If anyone would like to participate, I propose that on May 19th you apply a temporary tattoo and if you own something with skulls on them or own a corset that you go wear them. On May 19th Elizabeth would have turned 43. You may recall that she challenged readers on a previous birthday to go outdoors and experience life, and so many of you did. I think Elizabeth would have liked a remembrance from her virtual family. I think Elizabeth would have also approved of the lady who's doing her cremation. When I gave her Beth's yukata kimono she asked if there was anything else. I gave her one of Beth's skel-animal plushies and Beth's new fangs. She asked if I'd like her to put them on. I said she didn't have to, but she was really cool about and with a big grin said she would. She also gave me some tips on scattering ashes illegally. Will keep you posted on a local celebration of life.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Remembering Elizabeth

Elizabeth wanted to be cremated and have her ashes buried under a blackberry bush (a favourite summer activity for her was picking and eating blackberries). She didn't want a funeral, but Cheryl and I think some celebration of her life is in order. Elizabeth was a unique person so her celebration ought to be unique too, right? Any suggestions? Two thoughts that come to mind are having a wake at a local pub or having a picnic at one of her favourite parks. I will post periodically as plans are finalized.