Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Donation Update

Hi folks,

I just wanted to express my appreciation again to those of you who have donated towards Beth’s medical expenses. I feel a burden lifted off my shoulders – thanks for taking some of it upon yourselves.

I am ecstatic to report that we’ve received enough donations to go to Seattle and almost enough for the portable oxygen concentrator (see today’s other blog for more info on concentrators). I was astounded to receive one donation for multiple hundreds of dollars which said ‘Get thee to Seattle, Beth.’ ‘Holy crap’ I kept saying to myself over and over again, and to Cheryl, too. It is a wonderful feeling to know that despite all the bad things going on in our lives, specifically with the medicos, that there are many people who want to help and give as they are able.

We’re waiting on some paperwork from Health Insurance BC and also some medical records and then we’ll be booking our appointment in Seattle. It’s something I’m excited about, but also anxious too. Will they be just another specialist who says it’s not their inch or don’t know what exactly it is? Will they want to do a bunch of tests – and who’s going to pay for that? What if they know exactly what it is, and they confirm that it is terminal? There are days I delude myself that Beth is going to be around a long time and that she’s not going to die. How am I going to cope with a reality that she won’t be by my side for decades? And if she is terminal, how long do they give her? And how am I going to support Beth through all of this? So many questions and fears…

Cheryl is going to come with which is great. She’s been a real support for both Beth and I. And I know Beth’s readers will also be there in spirit. And rest assured, you’ll all be hearing about it on our blogs.


Neil said...

Enough to get to a Seattle doctor is fabulous news!

You'll support Beth the only way you know how, dear Linda: with love, and reserves of patience you didn't know you had. Someone suggested that Beth is like Job. Well, I'm afraid that's YOUR lot in life, too; only more, because you have the job to balance with home life.

I get anxious for Beth when she misses posting for a day. Then she tosses off multiple seizures and disgusting nosebleeds as just another day. I don't know how she does it, and I ReALLY don't know how you do it.

Keep going to the support group, Linda, and have a counsellor at hand too, maybe, for those days when you probably will feel a bit like throwing in the towel yourself.

I think I'm here as much for you as I am for Beth; I dearly wish I could get to Victoria just to hug you both.

For now though, good news will be accepted with a slightly lighter heart. And don't you dare feel guilty at night, Linda. We WANT to help, we asked to be allowed to send money; we recognize Beth's value too! I'm just sorry I could send hundreds of dollars myself.


Maggie said...

Glad to hear something may be going well/right?! In response to Beth's frustration today, I suggested renting out Matt to you guys. He can read, he's got the EMT skills, and he can do the dishes too! Love from the East side of the world...

yanub said...

Yay! I knew that all you had to do was ask. When people have good fortune, they like to spread it. And when people have bad fortune, they want to do something to brighten the world.

It's something, isn't it, that you worry how you will cope if Elizabeth dies, and Elizabeth worries that she is a burden to you alive. I'm glad Cheryl is there for you both.

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed by the givers. (too mean myself or afraid of paying over I-net)
Great that you can go to Seattle. GREAT! Can't say anything comforting about loosing somebody. It's just shit. See them hurt.

best of luck with doctors

Dawn Allenbach said...

HOORAY for Seattle!

Neil said everything I was going to say to you.

*hugs you* You're amazingly strong, too, ya know.

Anonymous said...

Wooohooo! This just made our day!