Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Remembering Elizabeth

Elizabeth wanted to be cremated and have her ashes buried under a blackberry bush (a favourite summer activity for her was picking and eating blackberries). She didn't want a funeral, but Cheryl and I think some celebration of her life is in order. Elizabeth was a unique person so her celebration ought to be unique too, right? Any suggestions? Two thoughts that come to mind are having a wake at a local pub or having a picnic at one of her favourite parks. I will post periodically as plans are finalized.


Aviatrix said...

Could you have a part of the event that people touched by Elizabeth all over the world can participate in? I don't mean a webcast, or something we watch, but something we do or wear. Something out of the ordinary enough that people will ask us why, and we can tell them about Elizabeth.

Lailah said...

That's a beautiful idea, Aviatrix. I would love to participate in some way even though I am far away, and I love telling people about Elizabeth!

Linda, I left my reflective, emotional comment on Screw Bronze, but I wanted to leave a comment here about something practical. Blurb, a self-publishing company, has a blog-to-book feature. They do something called "slurping" your blog and it somehow automatically makes it into a book. You can put all the posts or edit as you go, pick and choose. I believe that you can set this all up for free, and only pay when you actually order a book. So although there would be an initial outlay of time (possibly quite a lot of time, but maybe that process could be crowdsourced among Beth's many friends/readers?) but no outlay of money. Anyone who wanted a copy could order and pay for their own.

At any rate, too soon I'm sure to start planning all of this, but I wanted to make sure you knew this option was available for whenever/if ever you do want to think about a Screw Bronze book. Here's the link:

Unknown said...

yes..I like aviatrix'x suggestion..we all find some hello kitty..skull and crossbones...something/article of clothing..then a final blog post could be pictures of us in our goth garb...

I am too far away to attend anything..but I think something in the park..with peanuts and squirrels...

Raccoon said...

Lailah, if I understood their pricing structure correctly, a 450 page book in black ink on white paper would cost approximately $30 as a hardcover and $18 as a paperback. If color illustrations are included, the price goes up astronomically, to close to $80 for a hardcover.

I saw that Blurb can make e-book editions, for $10. Maybe use Blurb to compile everything, get a PDF or iPad version, and find someplace cheaper for a hardcover version?

Looking at, I ran a sample pricing. Standard paper, hardcover, black and white, 450 pages. 20 copies would cost $450, or about $22 a piece.

Color ramps things up through the roof again. Using the same sample size, except in color, is over $100 a piece.

Linda, if Beth left notations about the illustrations that she used, like artist, book title, etc., I would consider using some of those illustrations, but in black and white. Check with a lawyer – you might have to get in touch with the various publishers. Check through the comments to see if any of the illustrations were mentioned in the comments section.

Ooh, crap. The photos. All in color.

You might have to check with a local printer instead of going online. Insert photo pages into a regular black and white printing.

Okay, so e-book editions are cheap.


Linda McClung said...

Aviatrix: I think that's a great idea.

Lailah: Thanks for the info on publishing. I will definitely look into that down the road.