Sunday, August 30, 2009

Making the Dream Reality

It is finally happening… plans are falling into place and we are going to Hawaii in a few months! I normally plan vacations pretty thoroughly but this time there are more considerations as Linda and I also plan for Beth’s needs. I find myself making contingency plans to prepare for any breathing problems Beth will have when we go up Mauna Kea (13,000 feet in elevation). I surf the internet looking for all the disability friendly sight seeing opportunites on the Big Island. I have researched possible options which would allow Beth to snorkel with us. I make and remake packing lists to be sure nothing important is forgotten. I am looking forward to this trip and will cherish every moment and every memory.

On a weekly basis I see Beth grow weaker. I see her systems seemingly fail randomly and sometimes, just as randomly, begin functioning again. I am there with Linda as the pain steals her strength and her sanity. I watch as she uses sheer determination to push past the pain and LIVE rather than exist. I don’t have any idea how long it will be before Beth flies away. So, I work to build happy memories. I want Beth to know joy and love as much as possible. That’s why even when it seemed an impossible dream I started planning for the possibility of going to Hawaii.

Now that dream is coming together. We have our flights. We have most of our accommodations. We have a rental vehicle reserved. We are making lists of what we want to see. Linda and I are planning the budget to cover it all. We may eat a lot of peanut butter sandwiches before and during the vacation. We will certainly be stretched thin financially but, we will have the chance to make Hawaii memories with Beth and that is worth every sacrifice.

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FridaWrites said...

Beautiful photo. I look forward to reading more about your plans for Hawaii!