Friday, April 9, 2010

The Case of the Missing Scooper Plates

Thanks to everyone who sent medical supplies. I tried to send personal emails to all, but may have missed a few. Sorry about that! All the supplies have been really useful. Your generosity has been appreciated and I don't think I'll ever need to buy chapstick, aspirin or echinacea again. Ear plugs and florastar, on the other hand, we can never have enough.

Someone kindly bought some of these blue scooper plates this past winter but they never arrived. If you ordered them and had them sent to our address, you may want to contact the seller to see where they went missing.

Someone also bought these sandstone scooper plates and they haven't arrived either.

Can you solve these mysteries?


deadrose said...

Let me check the next time I go to Daiso, I seem to recall they had scooper plates and built-up tableware in their kitchenwares. Can't hurt to have more, yes?

Matthew Smith said...

Hi there,

Is Beth OK? She's posted nothing since Friday and the comments there seem to have dried up too.

Linda McClung said...

Matthew: Beth has had a rough few days. She doesn't have much energy. She wanted to post a blog on Monday but just wasn't up for it. I think she'll be working on one tonight.