Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What's Taking So Long?

Cheryl here…

I thought it would be helpful to share my perspective on where we are in terms of getting Beth to Seattle and getting some of the large medical aids like the portable oxygen concentrator. Mostly we are waiting for the wheels of bureaucracy to slowly turn, very slowly turn...

We would really like to have the portable concentrator for when we go to Seattle since Beth’s oxygen use has increased a lot and carrying enough full air tanks isn’t really feasible. Linda and Beth are waiting for Blue Cross to give the go ahead for the Inogen One unit and to find out what percentage Blue Cross will cover.

As Beth pointed out the other day, we aren’t going to Seattle to get a diagnosis. She already has multiple diagnosis (orthostatic hypotension, Raynaud’s Disease, dying thyroid, anemia, unknown auto immune disease etc.). We are going seeking a comprehensive diagnosis and more importantly a treatment plan. I personally would rejoice to have some of the conditions addressed to improve Beth’s quality of life such as the extreme pain.

In preparation for the trip to see the doctor’s at the Booth-Gardner Center, Linda is getting copies of the many tests that Beth has had. That is also taking some time since it involves dealing with multiple specialist’s offices and the hospital. We are also waiting for HEALTH INSURANCE BC (HIBC) to rule on the referral request to go to Seattle. There is a precedent for the referral to be approved. It seems that British Columbia has a shortage of neurologists so the waiting lists to see specialists are really long and it can be many months to be seen. (Does any of this sound familiar?) For that reason HIBC has approved referrals to neurologists in Seattle for patients who have rapidly changing conditions. We are hoping that they agree that Beth fits that description. If we get approval then the out of pocket expenses for Beth and Linda will be less.

If the referral is denied we will still be going to Seattle, it will just require more money.

Once again, thank you all for your generosity and support. Beth and Linda couldn’t do this without you.


Queen Slug said...

While having to wait for insurance is a bother & a pain for most people. For most it means sitting in pain & suffering while they wait, for Beth I worry that it will be more permanent damage, that more will be lost than can never be found again. I don't know how you & Linda manage that fear & frustration.

I've got all cross-ables crossed for a speedy & good decision & from an EDS girl that's a lot luck.

Anonymous said...

You should check out www.BemesHomeMedical.com (877) 890-1100 for the concentrator. They are really good about working with insurance companies and getting you a good price on a concentrator. The have the lowest price I have found on the market. I like the Respironics Evergo because it is smaller and lighter weight. Good luck and God bless.

Michael Raposa

Anonymous said...

Queen Slug: We don't always manage the fear and frustration very well. I too worry about the damage that is done while we wait and hate seeing Beth in so much pain. Thanks for crossing everything.

Michael: Thank you for the tip on BemesHomeMedical. We will have to check with them.